Surprise Bonus #1 – Joint Ventures

[headline_georgia_medium_left color=”#C90A0A”]How to Get Others to Promote
And Endorse You to Their Fans and Followers
So You Expand Your Reach and Get More
Clients Than You Could Ever Dream Of

++ #1. How to Run a JV (Joint Venture) Call ++

Sample Joint Venture Call #1:

Sample Joint Venture Call #2:

Sample Joint Venture Call #3:

++ #2. Where to Find JV Partners ++

++ #3. JV Appointment Emails ++

+++ JV Appointment Email for Business Women +++

Subject: Possible Collaboration

Hey {first-name},

I see you’re a trainer (or author) who works with business women and I’d like to speak with you about how we might be able to help each other grow our businesses.

My phone number is: xxx-xxx-xxxx

What do you say?

[Your Name]

++ #4. How to Encourage JV’s to Mail for You ++

Here’s a template I’ve been using to send JV Partners (after I speak them on Skype)….

Hey first-name,

It’s been a while and thought I’d reach out for a reciprocal JV.

At the moment I’m running a webinar for coaches with a great affiliate payout.

Here’s the current registration page: LINK TO LANDING PAGE

Typically I get 10% of opt-ins to convert to an appointment with me.

I’m selling my 6-figure marketing system for coaches.

It’s a month by month program @ $299 per month.

For every coach that purchases, I give you the first month as the commission payout.

So with 200 opt-ins – you’d be looking at about 200 x 5% = 10 x $299 = $2,990 on the high side.

And 100 x 5% = 5 x $299 = $1,495 on the low side.

Here’s a link for more details:

Let me know if you’re interested.