#2: Free Content That Sells

Free Content That Sells – DOWNLAD TEMPLATE

There are 4 Parts to Creating Free Content That Sells:

Step #1: The Promise
Step #2: Demonstrate Results (30 seconds)
Step #3: Teach Your “Results-Oriented” Framework
Step #4: Special Call to Action (see below)

Add this to “call to action” at the end of your Irresistible FREE Gift.

If you really enjoyed this video/mp3/report, then you might like this too.

I see you’re looking to [achieve desired end result.]

And I’d like to help you do that.

If you’d like to book a quick 10 Minute Call with me to see if I can help you, just click the link below.

Nothing for sale.

Just seeing if I can help you.

If that interests you, click the link below:

link to your Calendar: http://www.vcita.com/

[Your Name]

Free Content That Sells Checklist:

Download the Free Content Checklist here.

Three Questions to Answer in Your Video:

#1. What does the hero want?
#2. Who or what is opposing the hero getting what she wants?
#3. What will the hero’s life look like if she does (or does not) get what she wants?

Ref: Donald Miller’s Building a Story Brand

Sample Videos Converting:

#1. 241 Appointments with this video in 2016: click here
#2. Number one way to find your tribe: click here
#3. Steve’s self-help: click here
#4. Alex K’s Video: watch here
#5. Nancy’s Video: watch here

Screen Share & Video Editing Software:

For a Mac: Screenflow
For a PC: Screencast-O-Matic

How to Embed Youtube Video

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