#5. Introductory Call

How to Run Your 10 Minute Call

+ Hi CLIENT-NAME, It’s [Your Name], how are you?

— good

+ Great. I have a note in my calendar that we have a 10 minute call now, is that right?

— yes

+ OK, so we have 10 minutes and I have another call straight after you so we’ll need to keep to time, is that OK?

— sure!

+ Thanks for that. So my job today is really simple. I’m going to ask you a bunch of questions,

+ to see IF and HOW I can help you.


+ I’ll let do my best to point you in the right direction towards other resources and information.

+ If I feel I CAN HELP YOU, we’ll book in another time to talk about how – is that OK?

— yes

+ Great, let’s get started.

+++ Questions +++

+ If you and I were speaking 12 months from now, what would need to happen with your [weight/career/relationships/business] so that you felt completely happy and satisfied?

+ What are your biggest challenges or obstacles preventing your from reaching your goal?

+ Is this goal urgent or something that can happen later, like a year from now?

+ Why me?

+++ Identify the “gap” +++

>>> It sounds like your top 3 problems are:


>>> Next Steps

+ Here’s what I suggest

+ We get on a 45-60 minute call where we dive deeper into your goal

+ And come up with a clear game plan so that you reach your desired outcome

+ At the end of our call one of two things will happen:

You decide to take the game plan and implement it on your own, which is totally fine.
You decide you want support from me to help you implement the plan.  If that’s the case, then we’ll talk.
+ Either way, you get something valuable from our call together.

+ How does that sound?

>>> Book a time for your 1-on-1 Session: Cooperative Close

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